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The Passion Play, supported by Churches Together havant1in Havant, Bedhampton and Leigh Park, will depict the death and resurrection of Christ, the foundation of a world-wide faith which has been at the heart of British life for fifteen hundred years.

To make this happen, Christians from all parts of life in Havant are coming together to pray, explore and take action.

The Vision:
• To communicate the story of the passion, death and resurrection of Christ.
• To communicate the reason for our Faith in Christ as our Lord and Saviour.
• To encourage one another in our Faith.
• To sow the seeds of Faith in those who do not yet believe.
• To enhance further the unity of the churches in our area.

This is a project for the community and by the community.

People from around the area, Christian or not will be encouraged to participate, whether it be in the performance or any of the other numerous tasks needed on the day.

With active support from Havant Borough Council, the Churches in the area, local businesses and the people themselves of the area; this will be a spectacular event bringing the whole community together.