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Join us on Palm Sunday for this dramatic production of ‘Whom Do you Seek?

Combining performance and music with liturgy, ‘Whom Do you Seek?’ utilises the space of Liverpool Cathedral to dramatise Christ’s last supper, trial and crucifixion.

Used as the backdrop for the play, the building is employed to great dramatic effect: while its lighting and architecture enhance the atmosphere. Even the Great George bell plays a role, mournfully tolling at the point of betrayal and Peter’s denial. Soundscapes introduce the performance establishing the tone for the piece.

You, the audience will be guided around the great space of our Cathedral building to watch and at some points, become part of, the re-enactment of Christ’s Passion. As you become immersed in the action all round you’ll experience spine-tingling moments.

 ‘Whom do you seek?’ was inspired by the Quem Quaeritis Easter liturgy and the Visitatio Sepulchri (visit to the tomb) liturgical dramas of the medieval period. This drama reflects contemporary concerns and the Cathedral community.

The play’s co-author and Director, Dan Bishop said,

“We have learned and refined the plays each year, as we see how scenes work, as we get a sense of audience reaction and as the cast grows and develops their confidence and understanding of the text. This keeps it fresh and exciting for the cast and a new experience for visitors. (The crucifixion) is the emotional heart of the story. To see the crucifixion on the Dulverton Bridge creates a powerful, poignant moment for the drama. It never fails to move people”.