A black and white city scene with a cross in red neon lights and white words that say 'the Saltmine Passion Play audio drama: Episode 1'.

Listen to an audio version of The Birmingham Passion Play – a unique, contemporary re-telling of the Easter story performed live to over 3,000 people and processed through the heart of the city of Birmingham.

A pre-recorded performance of the Wintershall Passion from Trafalgar Square will be streamed live on their Facebook page on Good Friday at 12noon & 3.15pm.

A white cross and words saying 'The Edinburgh Passion 2021' with a red background.

The Edinburgh Passion ‘At Home’ is now online. Visit their website for lots of interactive material to follow the Passion journey at home.

Drama Kirk’s production of “The Passion of Jesus” will be shown on Good Friday at 3.15pm.