Alresford Passion

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This Passion Play will not be performed this year. Please visit again for further information.

The last  Passion Play in Alresford was performed in 2014:

Members of Churches Together in Alresford presented a modern day adaptation of the Easter story, following events from Palm Sunday to Good Friday re-told in song, dance, mime and drama directed by Rosemary Waring-Green. Presented with a 21st-century slant, Jesus in jeans, soldiers in combats, the churches are inviting everyone to come and watch the drama of 2,000 years ago unfold in a working town, as it would have done in Jerusalem.

Rather unusually, the role of Jesus was played by Richard Paget dressed in jeans and a T-shirt for his moment with Pontius Pilate while a news reporter and camera-man fed the story of His last moments to a heckling crowd. The story was relayed through loud speakers in Broad Street and had an obvious effect on those who had turned out as they watched the moment that Jesus was nailed to a cross.

“I think it’s gone brilliantly,” director Rosie Waring-Green said. “It’s probably the best one we did. It was very moving and very emotional. At the end no one wanted to move they were so captivated by the story.”