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Passion Plays are performed by communities throughout Australia. Here are some of their stories.

Moogerah Passion Play

The Moogerah Passion Play is a dramatic account of the Passion of Christ (His life, death and resurrection). Such plays have been performed by communities in Europe down through the ages, to teach others the central truths of the Bible.

The Moogerah Passion Play uses up to 100 actors, technicians, backstage and front-of-house helpers etc. Up to eleven denominations are involved in this ecumenical event each year. Performances take place in an open-air auditorium on the shores of beautiful Lake Moogerah, in South-East Queensland, Australia.

Only two things are necessary (it couldn’t be simpler). The belief or faith just mentioned and a sense of our own wrong-doing (sin). We can unload the burden, and this is what Jesus Christ is  all about. Some of us carry around enormous burdens (e.g. anxiety, guilt, stress) quite unnecessarily. Please know that Jesus Christ has asked us to come to Him, please know that  He is waiting for you to drop your burden at His feet, please know that if you can do it you will grow ten feet tall, please know that He will love you…

To discover more about the Moogerah Passion Play watch a video of the Moogerah Passion Play and visit their website.

Turramurra Passion Play

A man stands on the stage, portraying Jesus, under a cross and bright shining lights before a crowded room

The vision for the play was to tell the story of Easter in a contemporary way. In order for the audience can grab hold of its meaning without resorting to ‘historical correctness’.  Attempting and/or claiming to present an ‘accurate’ account of the events of The Passion – the death and resurrection of Jesus the Nazarene – is going to be futile. Critics and audiences alike will spend more time finding the chink in the accuracy of the production, as Mel Gibson has found, than they will engaging with the story.

The main backbone of the script comes from the Gospel of Luke, and is based on the modern paraphrase translation by Eugene Peterson known as “The Message“.    Peterson’s ultra-contemporary American idiom sometimes jars, but he has adopted a scholarly approach to the task of bring the ancient texts to life in modern language.

To discover more visit the website for a fascinating scene-by-scene commentary and watch film clips from the play.

If you want to stage your own Passion Play

If you belong to a church or community theatre group which would be interested in staging a Passion Play of your own, the team from the Turramurra Passion is keen to assist, with general guidance, sharing our vision and journey, and even possibly sharing the script.

Contact the Director, Dave Cornford, if you would like to discuss some ideas for further development.


Perth Passion Play

A passion play takes place outside in a field with an orange sand path as part of a Passion Play in Australia.Another testament to the Passion Plays taking place across the world, Perth, Australia. Here is a photo from the event. For more information on the Perth Passion Play, contact Rupert De Klee