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Following on from the 2017 Manchester Passion, “A Passion for Cheadle” will take place on Saturday, 4th April 2020. This community-based performance of gospel for Cheadle is firmly rooted in our faith and it has been in our prayers for a number of years.

The Play

Matt Britton is script-writer and producer. Formerly, Matt, as part of the Message Trust who bring the gospel to new audiences across the country (especially to young people), through creative mission, community transformation and Christ-centred enterprise (,  has written plays for In Yer Face Theatre Company making the gospel story relevant and understandable to today’s audiences. One example of his work is “All is calm” a Christmas play for The Imperial War Museum of the North.

“A Passion for Cheadle” is supported by Stockport Council Green Space who have offered use of Grange Park Playing Fields for the day. Events like this bring people into the village and increase footfall for the local shops. The play is being facilitated by Cheadle Village Partnership. This is a “group of groups” comprising churches, schools, businesses and council members, Cheadle Civic Society, amateur dramatic groups, various sports clubs and groups such as the Uniformed Organisations. It is open to anyone who would like to take part and recruitment for actors, costume and props designers, stewards, techies and business support began in September 2019.

Performance Details

There will be one performance of the play which will last for around 90 minutes and rehearsals will take place from January. This as a community event for the people of Cheadle – by the people of Cheadle. Although the churches are taking the lead, people from all walks of life taking part, bringing the community together. Passion plays have the ability to promote dialogue and inspire new relationships between people of differing faiths and none, and are an opportunity for exploration and mutual understanding. It will be a community coming together for a shared experience which lasts long in the memory after the event. Singers, dancers, actors, stewards, who might not normally come into contact with each other will work together in their shared vision for an expected audience of 2,000 people. Cheadle farmers market traders will provide refreshments and there will be other activities so that families and friends can spend time at the venue.