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The Chester Mystery Play performed in the Nave of Chester Cathedral.

The Guardian
“A profoundly everyday exploration of father, scone and holy toast”
“Matt Baker’s terrific score ranges from pub singalongs to majestic chorusus”
“David Edwards dazzles as a Dean Martin-esque Gabriel”
The Observer
“Vividly and intelligently rewritten by Stephanie Dale”
“Matt Baker’s music unites heaven and earth”
“Francis Tucker’s Lucifer, Jonathan Sharps’s Jesus and Nicholas Fry’s God are outstanding”
Liverpool Post
“A modern miracle”
“Much to enjoy – and fear”Click Liverpool
“A spectacle”
Chester Chronicle
“Simply breathtaking”
“The most ambitious, memorable and thrilling presentations since the cycle was revived in 1951”
“Francis Tucker is just irresistible as a wickedly attractive Lucifer”
“Astonishing wall of sound”
Chester Leader
“Truly magnificent”
“A helter-skelter ride with distinct touches of modernity, whimsy and humour”
“Not pious, not preachy, but it does pack a punch”


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