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 The Clonard Passion Play is not being performed in 2017. Please visit again for further information.


A crowd of more than 600 people from Clonard and surrounding areas turned out to witness Clonard Church’s very first Passion Play on Palm Sunday in 2013.A scene from the Clonard Passion Play depicts Jesus on the cross, surrounded by guards, against a red background.

The production team created a beautiful stage, depicting ancient Jerusalem. It was lit inside the church, setting the scene for what would be a wonderful performance.

House of Brigid put on the play. It is a lay international community of graduates which is dedicated to service within the Catholic Church. Emily Puscas from Connecticut in the US was the playwright and director. House of Brigid members Molly Mattingly and Nicole Storey acted as musical directors. Nicholas Galasso was stage manager.

The cast of about 40 drew people in from Clonard as well as Rowe Street and Bride Street churches. It was a magnificent mergence of cultures. This included the talents of a mother and son from the Czech Republic. As well as a Sri Lankan girl, two young girls from Poland, a German student living in Wexford. The House of Brigid community from the US, and a number of Wexford natives ranging in ages from six to 80.

The cast had been rehearsing since mid-January for the play. Preparing to present stories from Jesus’ lifetime as well as his passion and death. It was a beautiful celebration which everyone attending enjoyed on the night.

The play drew a fantastic response from the community. We all hope that it is the first of many Clonard Passion play productions to come.