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This Passion Play is not being performed in 2017. Please visit again for further information.

The previous Colchester Passion Play took place in 2014.

Visit St Andrews Colchester website for more about the Colchester Passion Play

A group of actors in middle eastern costume perform a passion play, painted scenery in the background depicts Jerusalem. The story of the Passion of Christ will be told through the medieval mystery plays. Originally these plays were performed by guilds of craftsmen or artisans, {Latin misterium = occupation hence title of the plays}, at locations in their town. Each guild would be responsible for a particular and appropriate scene. For example, the Guild of Bakers would stage the Last Supper. The best known mystery plays are the Chester and the Wakefield cycles.

The Play’s Script and Production

The Colchester Passion Play is a co-production between ChristChurch and Colchester Theatre Group. Rod Green has devised the script based on the medieval mystery plays. It is directed by Sara Green, and by Anne Tomkinson who is a member of Lion Walk URC. The cast of some twenty five actors is split between the Theatre Group and the Churches.