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This passion play is no longer being performed. If you would like to start a new play in your town or city, please contact the Passion Trust for help, advice and funding.


people gathered at Didcot’s Orchard Centre shopping precinct to watch the open air service of the Walk of Witness.

The annual event, organised by the “Churches Together in Didcot” Christian collaboration, saw 360 people gather to watch a recreation of the Passion, staged by children from the English Martyrs Roman Catholic Church in Didcot.

Before the recreation, a procession starts from the Methodist Church, coming along the frontage of the Baptist Mission Society House in Broadway through to the Orchard Centre to the amphitheatre outside Sainsbury’s.

The procession on Good Friday was led by Fr Phillip Harris of the English Martyrs Church and included readings from the Bible interspersed with hymns and music.

The Reverend Hannah Reynolds of St Peter’s Church, Didcot, said she was deeply moved by the recreation.
She said: “Amongst the busyness of the Bank Holiday shopping centre, the tableaux created by the children brought a sense of stillness and holiness to the centre of Didcot.

“The children’s liturgy group acted out the passion play which was a re-enactment of the journey to Calvary.
“This seemed to add additional meaning to the act of worship.”

After the procession and passion play, Easter eggs were handed out to both children and adults who stopped to watch.