Do you want to learn stage fighting?

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Passion Plays tell the Easter story and cover the events of the last few years of Jesus’ life, his death and his resurrection.

The story of Easter is set in Jerusalem in the first century when it was occupied by the Roman army. It was a harsh and brutal time, and the Roman centurions who were in charge of keeping the peace in the occupied city were particularly harsh and brutal. They recognised no one’s basic human rights, unless you were a Roman citizen.

In Passion Plays there are many opportunities to use stage fighting to develop the story and explore the characters who come into contact with Jesus. Some people are healed by him and other people are forgiven by him, including the centurions who crucified him.

The community casts who work together to tell the story of Easter often run workshops to rehearsal and teach stage fighting.


An actor portraying Jesus smiles with an arm in the air as he walks through a busy highstreet procession. The banner image has a pink strip with white text that reads 'Looking for 2022 Passion Plays? Learn more here'.