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This Passion Play is not being performed in 2017.

If you would like to start a new Passion Play in your town or city, please contact the Passion Trust for help, advice and funding.

The Easter Festival was last held in Lancaster in 2014.

Read about the Lancaster Easter Festival on the HOPE Together website.

The churches, under the HOPE banner are, again this year, taking over the square outside the town hall. This is for a huge celebration including singers, bands, activities, shows, free food, and a prayer and healing tent.

Christians from all over the city will beA crowd gathers in front of Lancaster town hall to watch the Lancaster Passion Play. involved in the Lancaster Passion Play and Easter Festival. Chris Dixon, who is co-ordinating the event, said: “We want to express what the Christian faith is all about. What more appropriate time than Easter to demonstrate together, through our words and our actions, that God’s love is for all? We will give all those attending an invitation to a Sunday service in a local church.”


About HOPE and the Lancaster Passion Play

Throughout the country, churches are linking up to HOPE for inspiration and encouragement. Together building momentum towards a national year of mission in 2014.

Roy Crowne, Executive Director of HOPE, says, “Christmas is a wonderful celebration, but the Easter message demands an even greater response. It’s an ideal opportunity for local churches to connect with non-churchgoers. For Christians, this is our festival and a great moment to present our faith to our communities.” Roy Crowne adds, “Let’s not just celebrate the joy of Easter inside our churches. Let’s spread the Good News, and together we could see our communities transformed.”

Churches in many areas choose to give away chocolates, hot cross buns or bright balloons at their annual procession of witness. As such, these, little acts of kindness such as shoe-shining or manicures, go down well. Some congregations encourage their members to take the time to reflect on what Easter means. And to practise sharing a two-minute testimony. We can do this through sending cards, Easter egg hunts, art displays, concerts, creative prayer, staging a play or giving gifts. Each time we engage with our communities we build bridges of friendship.  This could see people responding to Jesus for the first time.