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A drawn silhouette with the text Leominster Passion Play in medieval writing on the left, and three crosses on the right.

A group of actors run and dance in colourful costumes holding white cloths in a scene from the Leominster Passion Play, with historic building in the background. A group of actors depicting the disciples sit as Jesus washes their feet in a scene from the Leominster Passion Play, with buildings and spectators in the background. A procession of actors through the streets of Leominster, dressed as Roman soldiers and robes, carrying flags, and in the foreground an actor carries a cross.

The Leominster Passion Play is performed every four years. It takes place in the market town of Leominster in processional form in 12 locations. We aim to present the key events of Holy Week from Palm Sunday to Easter Day in a manner that the people of Jerusalem might have experienced those real events over 2000 years ago.

Not everyone in Jerusalem witnessed every aspect of the last week of Our Lord’s earthly life. Now, as then, we hope people will talk about what they have seen. Some, we pray, will want to know more. Other people may want to come to Easter services throughout the town. And some will reject us as mad, out of date, or deluded. Whatever the response to our re-telling of ‘the greatest story ever told’ some will come to Easter Celebrations with a renewed knowledge, faith or gratitude for God’s gift of salvation because of the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Although performed on Good Friday, in recent productions we included scenes from the Christ’s resurrection story. This should better portray the fact that Christians believe that the cross was not, & is not the end, of His story. Rather, Christian faith is placed in the Risen Living Jesus, not, as some have suggested, ‘a good but dead bloke’.

Leominster Passion Play involves everyone.

Whatever your part in this production every one of us is equally important. We are all there to convey the message. Those watching in the crowd will recognise us. And people will be ask us about what happened in Leominster on Good Friday 2012. Like those first followers on the first Good Friday & Easter Day it will required some of us to witness to our faith. Whatever you believe if you feel you cannot answer a question just be honest and refer folk to one of the local churches who will have someone who can help.

I pray that we will all be blessed through getting to know our brothers and sisters from different church families. And that we will make new friendships with many people from in and around Leominster. For such friendships are the will of Christ Jesus our Lord (The Bible – John Ch 17 v 20-21.)