London Plays

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London Passion Plays

The Passion of Jesus takes place in Trafalger Square on 25 March 2016 on Good Friday

__thumb_The-Passion-of-Jesus-2011_v2Visit the Wintershall website for more information and other plays in Surrey and London.

The huge Wintershall cast – including a donkey and horses – in colourful costumes, realistic scenes and a heart moving crucifixion and resurrection, The Passion of Jesus makes a great impact.


London Mystery Plays

The last London play to take place was in 2012. Click here to see images from that production.

Visit their website for more information and to keep up to date with future performances. Also email:

The Players of St Peter have been performing the medieval mystery cycles since 1946, drawing on the Wakefield, York, Chester and Corpus Christi texts in rotation. This year we shall be presenting a selection from the Corpus Christi plays.

We take pride in continuing to offer an entertainment that existed before Shakespeare but largely died out with the Reformation and has only come back into performance within the past century. The play texts that have survived lead us to wonder about the many texts lost from all over the country – for instance, of the London plays nothing survives.