Louth Passion Play

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A cross surrounded by multi-coloured flames on a black background for the Louth Passion Play, Born with Passion.

This passion play is no longer being performed. If you would like to start a new play in your town or city, please contact the Passion Trust for help, advice and funding.

This page is a record of past performances from Louth Churches Together.

‘Born with Passion’ draws upon resources produced by Wildgoose to explore the story of Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection in sketch form. This year’s production also brings together song, dance and image to provide further material for reflection. Rev Chris Ray, a United Reformed Minister in Louth who has written additional material, has compiled the passion play. Working on it together with Mark Harrisson, one of the leaders of a Methodist fresh expression based in Grimoldby.

Louth Churches Together production of the Passion Play is humorous heart wrenching presentation of the gospel. It reminds us about how God breaks through our lives.

The play covers the birth of Jesus. It moves on to explore how Jesus challenges our comfortable preconceptions about what we think are Christian values. And also our understanding of what it is to ‘be’ Christian. Much of the material uses humour and irony to point out how God the extraordinary one is at work in the everyday. You can be confident that this is a play which will speak to everyone.