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Friday 15th April 2022

A short version of The Passion of Jesus is coming to Newbury in 2022. This 20 minute performance is produced by agreement and with the permission of Wintershall free of charge for everyone. It follows the Good Friday Service at St. Nicholas Church, starting in the Market Place at 11:30 am and includes the walk of witness and ends with a scene at The Methodist Church. Newbury Churches together are thrilled to be a part of the One Good Friday initiative.

Experience The Story.


Below is a record of the Newbury Passion Play that took place historically.

Discover more about the Newbury Passion Play

We join St John’s and St George’s Churches in a production of the medieval mystery play, The Passion. Adapted, though still with much of the earthy and at times humorous original Middle English verse, by poet Tony Harrison, this dramatic re-telling of the Passion of Christ incorporates scenes from the beginning of Jesus’ ministry to the final moments on the cross.