From Soul by the Sea and Brighton’s Passion Play:

‘The Passion of Christ event mixes theatre and faith in a spectacular and accessible way – its good to have Soul by the Sea, by the seaside.’ Anne Meadows – Madam Mayor, Brighton & Hove City Council

‘It is good to see the Christian witness on the streets of Brighton.
I hope many church goers can support the initiative & make their presence felt in the broader community. This is a great opportunity lets not miss it.’ Bishop Conry – Bishop of Arundel and Brighton

‘This event is a wonderful opportunity to witness the Easter story live in our home city.
The suffering and triumph portrayed in the Passion Play speaks to everyone, regardless of culture or belief. The work of these dedicated actors and volunteers is both moving and inspiring. I would encourage everyone to come and partake in this amazing spectacle.’ Mike Weatherly, MP

Nativity play, St Mary’s Church, Brighton:

“This has been the best part of Christmas meditation journey for me – leaving a deep and lasting impression…It was transfixing, as actors were so professional, I was greatly impressed by the actor who portrayed Herod, he was not just playing the part, he was the part.  Amazing!   Then there was Zachariah – also ‘the part’  as he entered into the reality of someone who lost his speech and then regained it, displaying vividly the work of God in his life in regard to unbelief and then obedience: this truth of how unbelief and obedience impacts our lives,  has always impacted me, and seeing it again in this Nativity has surely reinforced it for me.  The acting out so Holy Spirit inspired, was also seen in the one who played the part of Mary. I will never forget the sparkling eyes, and inner joy and wonder conveyed in the smile, it was sheer beauty. ”

Jeannie Civil writer Brighton Dec 2012