Jesus knees on the floor in a white robe under a spotlight and words above him read 'Poole Passion' with a black cross.

Next Performance: 9th to 23rd March 2024 at St Peter’s Church, Church Rd, Poole. Ticket information.

The Poole Passion is performed in the beautiful seaside town of Poole in Dorset, on the south coast.

The highly acclaimed Passion Play is performed in the spectacular St Peter’s Church. With atmospheric lighting, emotive music performed live and a cast of many talented, experienced actors.

Founded in 2009 by Sharon Muiruri Coyne, The Poole Passion was the first UK Passion Play to join Europassion.  It was featured on the BBC’s ‘Songs of Praise’ in 2016.

In 2018 Sharon handed the Passion over to director, writer and actress Ann Balaam. She who wrote a fantastic new Poole Passion Play called ‘Footsteps’.  Our first performance of this story was in 2022 and received overwhelming praise from the hundreds who came to see it. Audience members’ comments included: “Phenomenal”, “Mesmerising”, and “I never cry at plays, but this made me cry”.
The story of ‘Footsteps’ is centred around a group of tourists in modern day Jerusalem. They visit the sacred sites and are transported back in time and see the last days of Jesus’ life.  In doing so, they gain inspiration from his wisdom, and ultimately witness his crucifixion and resurrection.  
The play, exquisitely woven together by Ann Balaam, also allowed for the people of these two parallel timelines to occasionally interact with each other.
Below is a video compilation of photos from the 2022 production, including brief film footage of the final scene (filmed by an audience member).
Accompanied by the music composed and performed by Richard McLester.The video includes comments received from the audience on our feedback forms after the performances.
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Poole Passion