Passion Plays Conference 2012

PR & Marketing
PR is free, and if it’s done well it can save on your advertising budget.  Please download the “How to” document here.  We will advertise your event and website on our site for FREE (See below).

Please download the manual on how to raise money for a passion play event here.
If you have any more questions we would be glad to help. Please email

How to do a Play Manual
Click here to download the latest “How to run a Passion Play” manual.
Please note: the appendices aren’t complete and will be added soon.

Annual Conference
This is an annual event and is the best way to educate would be producers and directors on how to put these events on. The conference took place in Feb 2012. Click here to download the Conference Report for Passion Plays conference 2012.
Click here to download the minutes, which includes some excellent tips from speakers (also see video, above).

Free website
If you are involved in a Passion Play that isn’t featured on our website, please let us know! We’d love to create a dedicated page and add you to the calendar. The cost is paid for by the Passion Trust. Please email Stephen Holdstock the Webmaster with details of your event & he will create a page for you. He can also give you access to your site so you can update it. It’s easy.

Passion Play Website purpose

  • To help producing teams to pool resources and exchange ideas.
  • Resource anyone who is thinking of staging an event in their city and bring their vision to fruition.
  • Market the events through search engines, on the net and via our website.
  • Publicise performances via PR contacts and the media.
  • Schools and Universities RE drama departments: find projects that suit their curriculum.
  • Play workshops for educational groups.
  • Pro bono consultation for these events when needed.

EuroPassion Conference 2012