Emily, Scriptwriter and Actor in the Dudley Passion Play 2024

So what we’ll do is say, go home and read the Gospel. We don’t want you to be just like a generic crowd member. We want you to have your own journey as part of this show. So go and pick somebody in the Gospels who you think you could be. So whether it’s like one of the Pharisees who looks down on Jesus, but then is maybe going to change their mind, or whether it’s another disciple, maybe, who we don’t have in the cast, so it could be like Thaddeus, or someone, or Matthew, or someone. Or are you the little boy that came to the feeding of the 5,000 with the sandwiches and his bread. And now you’re watching Jesus, and you know what’s your story? What’s your relation to it? And I think that helps give people a sense that they individually are really important in this story, that they’re not just playing like a group of people, but they are valuable for what they bring.

A woman with a microphone and one arm in the air standing on a plinth surrounded by a large crowd.