The Andover Passion 2017

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Unity Christian Theatre supported by Andover Churches Together present:

The Andover Passion

Follow in the footsteps of Jesus as he enters Jerusalem to celebrate Passover.

Here he will face a kangaroo trial by the Jewish leaders desperate to get rid of this man who threatens their authority. Resorting to bribery, the Jewish leaders offer money, and Judas, one of Jesus’ followers, weakens. He betrays Jesus, taking the Jewish guard to the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus is arrested and taken to the Jewish Council. False accusations are thrown at him and after some rough treatment he is taken to the Roman Governor, Pontius Pilate. Pilate is sick and tired of the Jewish leaders who are a nuisance to him.

Knowing the accusations to be fabricated he says he will have Jesus flogged and he is appalled to discover that nothing less than death will satisfy the people. When the people begin to riot Pilate accepts that he must give a death penalty to this innocent man. Washing his hands symbolically to absolve himself of blame Pilate passes the death sentence and Jesus is crucified between two thieves. His body is given over to Joseph of Arimathea, a follower of Jesus, to be placed in Joseph’s tomb.

Three days later Mary Magdalene goes to the tomb to anoint the lifeless body she finds it empty! Jesus is risen from the dead!