Volunteers: the hidden heroes

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The hidden heroes of Passion Plays are the hundreds of volunteers! All of them are evidence that one of the most rewarding things to do is to invest in your local community through volunteering.

All around the UK people of all walks of life are connecting with new people and making a difference in their local community through gardening clubs, food banks, fighting addiction groups, church groups and volunteer organisations.

We all know that volunteering is the best way to learn new skills, gain valuable experience, expand your CV and make new friends. But did you know that Passion Plays are a new and unique way to contribute to your local community?


How can volunteers take part?

Passion Plays are free performances that tell the Easter story with the help of professional actors and arts professionals and a large volunteer cast.

Each Passion Play is a hive of creative activity and each performance is the result of imaginative and creative input from many people.

Whether you are a singer, a photographer, a mime artist or a skilled costume-maker, these large community-led performances are unique places to contribute your skills and share your knowledge. They are a rewarding place to connect with new people of all ages and backgrounds.  

Passion Plays are also places to learn new skills.

Are you looking to improve your public speaking skills?

Or learn how to take professional photographs?

Or wanting to finally conquer your fear of stepping on a stage?

Perhaps you would like to be part of the publicity team or work backstage in one of the many vital roles behind the scenes?

Or would you like to increase your confidence and break negative thought patterns or habits?

Whether you want to refine your skills or gain new experience for your CV, there are many opportunities if you search for them.


Tips for volunteers

Below are some of our top tips for getting involved in your local Passion Play:

  • Start small: taking on a small role is more manageable and can help you explore some of the other roles you might like to have in the future.
  • Find out as much as you can. Try to find someone who has been involved in a Passion Play and ask them as many questions as you want!
  • Explore your own skills and work out how you could contribute to your local Passion Play
  • Consider your interests and what new skills you would like to learn through your volunteer work.
  • Interviews: if an interview is required make sure to arrive on time and with your own questions to find out more about the roles.
  • Join with a friend. There are lots of roles and it takes many people to put on a large Passion Play!

The Easter story is a story of hope, forgiveness and second chances, and its ability to speak to people struggling with grief, despair, conflict and reconciliation makes it a powerful experience for anyone who wants to take part.


Actors portraying Jesus' followers in modern clothes sit at Jesus' feet as he teaches them. Around them all are crowds of people watching as part of the Passion Play in Norwich