Digital Passion Plays

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For just under two years Covid 19 restrictions have severely curtailed free performances of Passion Plays. However, we have had the opportunity to discover new ways of sharing the Easter story in the form of Digital Passion Plays.

In 2021 we continued to increase the Passion Trust’s digital offer. This was a way of enhancing interest in the story of Jesus Christ from our local communities. Digital Passion Plays have allowed our volunteers to still be engaged in our work throughout the pandemic. They have even linked us to new audiences.

Many plays were turned into digital performances. Havant Passion Play produced digital content based on Easter monologues. Edinburgh Passion Play created digital content from the perspective of different characters in the Passion story. And the Birmingham Passion Play created audio versions of their play which people could listen to via their website.

These wonderful resources for digital passion plays bring the Bible story to life this Easter and can be seen by anyone. Take a look at the Easter story in a fresh re-telling at the link below!

A screen grab with text and video from The Road to Easter passion play, detailing the Covid 19 approach for Easter 2021.