What do people say about Passion Plays?

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The story of Easter is told in free, live performances every Easter. The question is what do people say about Passion Plays?

These performances tell the story of Jesus – his life, death and resurrection – on the streets in city centres around the UK. Some people have never heard the Easter story before and have been invited by friends. Other people are surprised by the performance taken place around them.

What do people say about the Bible’s story of Easter? See testimonials on what people say about Passion Plays or read more below:


“I really must say how fantastic the whole presentation was. It certainly moved me with emotions I didn’t expect. The crucifixion scene was exceptionally well presented and whoever played the part of “Mary” they deserve an Oscar. I’m sure you are not going to let this be “put to bed” but are (and I think you should) do a repeat.”

– Anon, New Malden


I was moved to tears by the Gethsemane scene. As a psychological drama it was fascinating. The music and lighting made all the difference. Operatic in its scale. We were emotionally shattering watching the performance. The cast must be totally exhausted, but thank you for performing “The Passion”.

– Anon, Hucknell


I was lucky enough to get a hug from Jesus and the tears we’re running down my face.

– Anon, Lanarkshire


First Class! Thought provoking and challenging is the best way. I did not want it to end. Congratulations to all. God Bless you all

– John, Havant


Blown away. You guys always put on a good show- but this? This was something else. Haven’t stopped taking about it since Tuesday. My children got so much out of it too. Loved that not only did you perform on the streets of the city centre, but that you actually SET it in Birmingham, using local landmarks etc. The use of modern day language brought the Bible to life and special mention to the actors for really capturing and expressing the humanity of the disciples. Thank you.

– Alan, Birmingham

An actor portraying Jesus smiles with an arm in the air as he walks through a busy highstreet procession. The banner image has a pink strip with white text that reads 'Looking for 2022 Passion Plays? Learn more here'.