What is it like to play Jesus?

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The story of Jesus – his life, death and resurrection – is the story told in Passion Plays all around the UK every Easter. Free, live performances bring to life his story. What is it like to play Jesus?

Nathan Obokoh played Jesus in a Passion Play in Leicester. This is what he said:

I was walking through Leicester on Good Friday at a time when I was still a bit uncertain in my faith. I came across Christ in the Centre by accident and saw James Burke-Dunsmore carrying his cross through the city centre. That inspired me, and I ended up going to Holy Trinity Church in Leicester and get involved in both the drama group there and – through that – in Christ in the Centre. I acted in the drama for three or four years, playing the roles of several different disciples, before taking the role of Jesus in the 2013 presentation, which was a privilege and a very exciting challenge.

You can also hear from James Burke-Dunsmore, who has been crucified more than 150 times…