Who was Mary?

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Mary was the young mother of Jesus who lived to see her son crucified before her eyes.

Two moments in her life are often immortalised in art and music. We see her as the devoted mother of a child born because of an angel’s promise. We also see her as a weeping mother holding the broken body of her crucified son.

One other moment is often dramatised in Passion Plays: her realisation that Jesus did not remain in the grave, but rose again.


You can find out more about Mary’s story in the free, live performances of the Easter story. Today’s passion plays are a dramatic portrayal of the Bible story, a story which is often called the greatest story ever told. It is the story of Jesus’ life, his timeless teaching and his last days.

The story of Easter has all the elements of stories that are compelling and moving: treachery, betrayal, injustice, sacrifice, redemption, forgiveness and happy endings.

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