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Against an orange background are white words saying Worcester Passion Play.

When? Friday 29th March at 10.30am

Where? Cathedral Square

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Telling the story of the ultimate sacrifice


The Worcester Passion Play is a dramatic presentation depicting the Passion of Jesus Christ: his trial, suffering and death, and resurrection.  They are performed in many cities around the UK and around the world and bring the true meaning of Easter to our streets.

Why do we perform the passion play?

The story of Jesus and his crucifixion was arguably the biggest sacrifice with the greatest implications on humanity. For too many people this story is untold, so we at Passion Play Worcester want to bring this story to the people of Worcester and surrounding towns.


Jesus releases a dove from a basket in the centre of a crowded street market place. Crowds and actors watch the sky as the dove flies away. there is a Starbucks in the background. As part of the Passion Play in Worcester
An actor portraying Jesus is bound by rope in the centre of a Passion Play performance surrounded by soldier actors and crowds watching.