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Welcome to our Big Easter Event and Passion Play on Saturday April 6th in the Abbey Meadows in Abingdon. This will feature the same kind of experiences for the community to enjoy as in the summer Fun in the Park Festival, but the climax will be the Abingdon Passion Play, a dramatic retelling of the last days of Jesus’ life. The aim of putting on the Passion Play is to encourage people to think about the events of those days in their own way…what do they mean? Should they mean something? Come and see how the Passion Play tries to answer these questions.

The 2016 production was held in the Market Place in Abingdon and was a great success. This time we are back in the Abbey Park with a few professional actors from the LAMPS collective at the core of the play, supported by a troop of acting extras and a choir

A great deal of work has gone into making the event possible and I would like to thank everyone involved. Special thanks must go to Sam Pullen Campbell who is directing the performance for the third time, and to Katharine de Villiers who has worked tirelessly in so many ways to ensure that all the problems in putting on the event have been happily dealt with. So come along as we are very keen to make this an event for everyone in the community.

We hope the weather will be fine but if it rains please leave your umbrellas at home! The stewards will be there to give help so please ask them any questions you have.

John Clare

Chairman of the Abingdon Passion Play Committee.