What People Are Saying

 The Archbishop of Canterbury, The Most Reverend and Right Honourable Dr Justin Welby:

“Passion Plays have been a feature of the life of our country since the Middle Ages, and for good reason: there is no greater story than that of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I hope and pray that this Easter, you can be caught up in the story of the love of God for the world in the person of Jesus. Come and See.”

The kids and I were completely blown away by this immersive experience…Birmingham Passion Play brought the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection to life!

– Anon, Birmingham

The joy at Jesus’ resurrection at the end was palpable.
– Katie, Oxford

It was a revelation to me.  When I was in the church “Peter” looked at me personally and said “Jesus loves you”… I was stunned. I never had that message delivered to me so strongly. It has remained in my heart and my mind since. I have made it light of my faith in recent years, being more a deist than a Christian, and irritated with all the Christian concepts. I feel like wanting to return to the fold now and I have this picture of Jesus with his arms wide opened.  It is amazing….

– Isabelle, Norwich

The Passion Play was a great event – there was a real buzz about it at NCBC on Sunday – excellent feedback from so many people. A lot of work I’m sure but worth it for the lasting impact 🙂

– Helen, Norwich

The part where they led Jesus to the cross was simple but so powerful – the mocking was like it could have been today and was just relentless – I found myself thinking, how could you be so dis-respectful about him, so irreverent, how can you miss who he is?

– Rob Hodd, Norwich

Wow! People of Birmingham you’ve done yourselves proud with the numbers that turned out for the Passion Play. Outstanding doesn’t do it justice for what a fabulous time it’s been!

– Andrew, Birmingham

Thank you all for a very blessed weekend it was so inspiring and will stay with me for a very long time. God bless.

– Anon, Havant

I’m not religious but what an amazing day…a wonderful project bringing a diverse community together. Thanks to everyone who put so much work into it

– Yvette, Manchester

Not usually my thing but had a wonderful time. Hours of practice for all involved but the result was super. The choir was excellent too, very uplifting. Well done everyone!

– Karen, Manchester

I got more than blessings watching. I burst into tears when Jesus walked back alive. Thank you all so much for your hard work.

– Susan, Havant

Performance was amazing. Had tears in my eyes. Special shout out to the drunk guy from Ireland who thought the crucifixion was actually happening and saying this isn’t right lol – like I told you, Jesus done this for us brother. God bless everyone

Matthew, Birmingham

A very moving portrayal, particularly the sight of the three crosses in front of the Cathedral. There was a lady nearby who stood up crying as Jesus was raised onto the cross…it brought home how those who witnessed this event at the time, must have felt. There were lots of people there from various churches, but I hope that the Christian message of Easter reached others who may have forgotten. Thank you.

– Joanne, Manchester

An amazing love story uplifting the spirit strengthens the faith. Messages of love peace and sacrifice hope it has reached to those who have forgotten about it.

– Neelum, Manchester

Bible stories can be over-familiar when you’ve heard them for years. This was a good opportunity to see what actually happened in more depth. Everyone was struck by the crucifixion scenes in both productions. You could sense that it was affecting people, and I hope it made them think. It also helps with our personal faith, and it’s also good to get to know people from other churches and denominations. It was lovely to realise that any differences in worship didn’t matter – it was helping to portray the life of Jesus and deliver the good news that did.

– Carol, Havant

I was walking through Leicester on Good Friday at a time when I was still a bit uncertain in my faith. I came across Christ in the Centre by accident and saw James Burke-Dunsmore carrying his cross through the city centre. That inspired me, and I ended up going to Holy Trinity Church in Leicester and get involved in both the drama group there and – through that – in Christ in the Centre. I acted in the drama for three or four years, playing the roles of several different disciples, before taking the role of Jesus in the 2013 presentation, which was a privilege and a very exciting challenge

– Nathan Obokoh, Jesus actor, Leicester

“Thank you so much for the wonderful Passion play that you did for us.   The children were very well engaged and entertained.  The performance was perfect for our curriculum.  They enjoyed the story and singing and they kept looking at me knowingly because they had already heard the Easter story the day before and they were excited to learn about it in a different way.   The children did take on board the meaning of the story … Lots of my class wanted to come over to you to share what they had learnt. Thank you so much.  Please do come again”

– Sally (Teacher, Southampton)

“I really must say how fantastic the whole presentation was. It certainly moved me with emotions I didn’t expect. The crucifixion scene was exceptionally well presented and whoever played the part of “Mary” they deserve an Oscar. I’m sure you are not going to let this be “put to bed” but are (and I think you should) do a repeat.”

– Anon, New Malden

“I would just like to thank you for that amazing event – the New Malden Passion Play.  An inspired vision combined with the support of so many churches and other people and so much hard work from you. It was the most incredible feeling to be a small part of the whole experience. Thank you so much.”

– Anon, New Malden

It felt like we’d been present at Jesus’ crucifixion.

– Dorothy, Lanarkshire

Made story seem more real. Ordinary people playing ordinary people.

– Pete, Lanarkshire

I am having a difficult time at the moment, struggling and questioning my faith at times, and seeing this presentation helped me to feel stronger and touched me deeply

– Anon, Lanarkshire

WELL DONE EVERYONE!!!! We thought it was just brilliant! No other words for it. Really VERY moving at times and so well put together. Thoroughly enjoyed it and were pleased that the weather for all performances was fairly kind and that there was such a good attendance this afternoon.

– Ian, Havant

Huge congratulations to everyone who was involved. The production was truly awe inspiring and will remain in my mind for a long time.


Very moving and made you feel as if you were there and part of the story.

– Anon, Lanarkshire

What a wonderful achievement. I was so inspired by the interpretation of the Passion Narrative,
especially the grieving mother. I am so impressed with the talent of those acting.

– Caroline, Oxford

Moving and powerful. I loved the idea of setting the story in a contemporary context and felt very involved in the drama. The familiar story took me through a gamut of emotions and left me feeling uplifted by its message.

– Marion, Norwich

I just want to thank you for letting me be in the Passion Play. It was awesome beautiful. And when We got to the scene of the cross, I really felt it was happening & I cried with real tears. It was truly a beautiful & emotional moment. & I loved  every bit of it.

– Sue, Norwich

The passion play was such an amazing event to be part of. It’s definitely made the Easter story easier to understand, and more of it makes sense than it did. The events around Easter are definitely more real for me now than they were, now that I have seen it acted out.

– Anon, Norwich

The silence of the audience was mesmerising.

– Simon, Carlisle

Wow…that certainly brings the Crucifixion story close to home, quite horrific in its message. Well done to everyone who was in it, a very emotional time for all I should imagine.

– Ann, Bedford

I brought my daughters aged 5 and 9 to see the Easter play today in Edinburgh. I was concerned they would get distracted as children do but I needn’t have worried. They were both really engaged, they waved palm leaves and enjoyed the bread from the disciples. Every time the scenes moved they wriggled through the crowd to the front to get a clear view. My eldest daughter said being outside made it feel so much more realistic than on a stage. Thank you so much to all involved for making this a memorable Easter for my children.

– Laura, Edinburgh

The script was an absolute masterpiece – I’ve been using parts in Easter sermons; The words keep going around my head – and out of my mouth.

– Anon, Carlisle

I was at the Passion Play this afternoon and thought it was brilliant and there were very complimentary comments from everyone around me. Quite a challenge, putting a play on there and you rose to it wonderfully. Well done! And what a good turn-out. So glad the sun shone for you.

– Anon, Carlisle

The Passion Play was a triumph! I found the whole occasion deeply moving and I’m sure many others did, whether committed believers or sceptics.

– Vaughan, Oxford

I found the whole experience exciting, emotional and spiritually uplifting and compelling – it’s created a wonderful memory of working with a great group of people and a great enterprise that will endure for a long time.

– Anon, Carlisle

I brought my brother who is usually quite critical of religious things but he said it was very impressive

– Anon

It was the first time I thought of Jesus as my friend

– Anon, The Wirrall

What an amazing and powerful performance! The team did a superb job and deserve our respect for hours and hours of planning. James played Jesus with real commitment and skill. Huge thanks to all involved for bringing the passion to our streets.

– Vicar of St Andrews, Bedford

The Passion brought tears to my eyes …. it was a truly wonderful production

– Anon

My favourite part is that he came alive again.

– Child in the audience, Richmond

Blown away. You guys always put on a good show- but this? This was something else. Haven’t stopped taking about it since Tuesday. My children got so much out of it too. Loved that not only did you perform on the streets of the city centre, but that you actually SET it in Birmingham, using local landmarks etc. The use of modern day language brought the Bible to life and special mention to the actors for really capturing and expressing the humanity of the disciples. Thank you.

– Alan, Birmingham

First Class! Thought provoking and challenging is the best way. I did not want it to end. Congratulations to all. God Bless you all

– John, Havant

Clearly lots of effort went into doing this. The actor playing Jesus was great and it was good to hear this story in local accents. It made the story come alive seeing it acted…A wee surprise for people coming home from the retail part with their shopping but some did stop to watch.

– Anon, Lanarkshire

I was moved to tears by the Gethsemane scene. As a psychological drama it was fascinating. The music and lighting made all the difference. Operatic in its scale. We were emotionally shattering watching the performance. The cast must be totally exhausted, but thank you for performing “The Passion”.

– Anon, Hucknell

Managed to follow the whole play with 2 children (6 and 10) so powerful and engaging. We were on the second performance at the cathedral – worth the wait as we couldn’t get in as it was full. Children truly enjoyed and message was so clear presented. Great to have the Contemporary touch! We are definitely going again next year!

– Cassandra, Birmingham

It was so moving. It just brings everything to you. It blew me away!

– Paul, 55

“Many congratulations to all who worked so hard for this – it was brilliant!  An amazing witness to our community – and a perfect start to Holy Week.”

– Anon, New Malden

I was lucky enough to get a hug from Jesus and the tears we’re running down my face.

– Anon, Lanarkshire

It also brought people from all different churches, and those of no particular faith, together. There was really good discussion amongst the people who were there on the night I was there.

– Chris, Lanarkshire