Passion Play Tour. LAMPS theatre company

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The Passion poster with Jesus on the cross surrounded by bright colours and the words 'A moving and memorable retelling of the Easter story.'

Passion Play Tour. LAMPS theatre company

The life, death and resurrection of Jesus are recreated in The Passion, a moving, memorable and ultimately joyful retelling of the Easter story.

Told from the perspectives of Peter, Mary Magdalene and a Roman centurion named Marcus, ‘The Passion’ is a powerful contemporary drama leading us up to and through the events of Holy Week, to the cross and beyond.

What people are saying about LAMPs’ production of The Passion.

“An amazing way to tell of the Passion – especially for those not yet knowing our Lord – so very well done.”

“I couldn’t see the ending properly because of my own tears.”

“A very moving and beautiful portrayal of the most amazing story in history.  Phenomenal performers!”

“I was deeply moved. I wept with Mary. Made me love Jesus more. Thank you so much.”

Kislingbury and Upton Community Church

“Brilliant conception, direction, music and performance!”

“The story of The Passion as I’d never seen it before. Impacting and memorable”

Filling Station, Cholsey

“A wonderful depiction of The Passion. Very powerfully performed. Not a sound heard in the audience.”

Shirley Baptist Church, Solihull

“The most moving experience I’ve had in this church in 81 years”

“Incredible what just 3 people can do with 3 boxes!”

“You could hear a pin drop – a hugely talented cast who kept us captivated.”

“Words fail me. Amazing. So powerful. It’s my intention to spread the word as much as I can.  LAMPS must be known.”

Immanuel URC, Southbourne

“Full of insights and emotionally shattering.”

“Very powerful and very descriptive (really helpful as we’re visually impaired.)”

St Matthias, Malvern

“Came across as very real – like they’re talking to you!”

St Margaret’s, Rainham

“Great performance – simple but profound and beautifully produced.”

“We were both very moved by the performance. It was in lots of ways extraordinary – very different perspectives on the Passion, including a particularly moving narrative from the centurion. But all the members of the cast were brilliant.”

“The Holy Spirit in the script, in the music and in the performances of all truly moving and touching heart, soul and mind.”

“A very powerful production – bringing a fresh insight into these wonderful scriptures – very moving indeed.”

Watlington Methodist Church

More reactions.

“I was blown away. I have been involved in performing arts all my life so far and it moved me so much.”

“Amazing! I could not hold it together during the last song! Such an amazing dramatization of the Passion.”

“Absolutely mesmerising. Really helped me get into the characters of the people involved – who represent us all really.”

“A truly powerful message and a superb performance. Thank you for sharing this with us. I am moved beyond expectations.”

“Very impactful and powerful – a joy and a challenge to watch in the best way.”

St Nicolas, Newbury

“Thoroughly enjoyed it! And I found it very moving. So much ground covered in just over an hour – a testament to the skill of the writing.”

“The play brings the story alive in a way that is both painful and thrilling. Thank you. Words fail me.”

“Brilliant enactment of the Passion from an ordinary man’s/woman’s perspective bringing us so naturally to the cross and deepening the enormity of what Christ did for us all.”

St Kenelm’s, Enstone

“Peter’s expression at the resurrection scene, the angst gone! It was beautiful. And the centurion at the cross, as it went on and on. Superbly done. And the music too. Thank you.”

Bromham Baptist Church