Passion Plays Conference 2023

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Roman soldiers raise the cross on which Jesus is crucified and a group of his followers and friends stand behind weeping.
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Passion Plays Conference 2023

There is no better way to experience the Easter story than to see it performed in the public square. Passion Plays draw some of the largest outdoor audiences in the UK and in most cases, they are free.

  • Do you want to bring the message to your town or city?
  • Do you want to see a new Passion Play in your public square?
  • Do you want to know how to pull off an event like this despite little experience?
  • Are you performing the Easter story next year or involved in any way?
  • Do you need funding or resources?


Free Zoom Conference

Join us on Zoom for talks and chatrooms discussions about all things related to Passion Plays and public performances of the Easter story, with a special focus on improving performance standards and sharing creative insights.

When: Monday 23rd October starting at 6pm with talks and break-out rooms until 8:30pm.

How to sign up: Visit Eventbrite to sign up

Key speaker: Chris Walton, finance director and producer of the Chester Mystery Plays.

He successfully helped produce & fundraise for the 2023 production. Hear how his team managed to make a national success.

We will also hear from experts and leaders of theatre companies, Passion Play communities and the Passion Trust.


About the Chester Mystery Plays

The Chester Mystery Plays were the longest-running in medieval England and were the last to fold after the ban on religious plays during the sixteenth century. They were revived in 1951 and have been performed every five years since then. This year’s production was a theatrical spectacular staged in the stunning nave of Chester Cathedral. Biblical tales of love, death, betrayal and redemption were performed by a cast of hundreds with humour, pathos and moments of horror. Find out more by joining the conference!