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The Bangor Passion Play portrays the trial, passion and crucifixion of Jesus.

Good Friday commemorates the day nearly 2000 years ago when Jesus Christ was tried and executed. Christians believe that Jesus then rose from death on Easter Sunday – the miraculous event that led directly to the founding of the Christian Church. To mark this anniversary, actors from eight Christian Churches in Central Bangor will again portray the trial, passion and crucifixion of Jesus.

12.00 noon in Bangor Bus Station Garden:
Initial Worship
Act 1 – Jesus is brought before the Council in Jerusalem
12.20 pm at Bangor Cenotaph opposite Bangor University Pontio:
Act 2 – Jesus is brought before Pilate, the Roman Governor
Procession down Bangor High Street
12.40 pm outside Debenhams:
Act 3 – Jesus is crucified and dies
Concluding Worship



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