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A poster for the 2018 Belper Passion Play. A sunset with three crosses in the background. The foreground shows half of a face off actor dressed as a Roman soldier.

A Passion Play for Belper, with flash mob and cast of over 100 people.

After a three year break the hugely successful Belper Passion play returns to the streets and churches of the town in 2022. The performance will see a move to a traditional setting with Roman soldiers and costumes of the period. The performance is being produced by Churches Together in Belper. Furthermore there will be a new director, Jannice Richtof, and a new script by George Gunby,

The event will include The Walk Of Witness which has attracted up to 800 people in the past.

The Belper Passion is co-ordinated by Churches Together In Belper and produced by CTIB and George Gunby. It attracts an estimated 700 – 1000 people to the Walk Of Witness. And an audience of an estimated 600 in the church along with 120 performers.

The Passion Play included music from the ‘This Man’ Oratorio by local composer Anne De Waal. Supplementing this was the CTIB Flash Mob who sang on the streets during the Walk and during the resurrection which closed the event.

Casting took place in November 2017 and twenty actors showed interest and eventually all took part. The ages ranged from 14 to 81 years old with 60% coming from local churches. The organisers decided to include music from the ‘This Man’ Oratorio and for the CTIB Flash Mob to sing during the Walk and end the play with Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’. This resulted in a cast of 120, all from within the Belper / Derby areas.

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