Beverley Passion

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The Passion reminds people of the events of Good Friday and brings it to the present.

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The Beverley Passion Play was performed on the streets of Beverley on Good Friday. HUNDREDS of stunned shoppers stopped in their tracks as Roman guards ordered them out of the way. The story of Jesus’s final days unfolded in dramatic fashion before crowds of people in the town centre.

It transported startled onlookers back to Jerusalem 2,000 years ago, as members of town churches acted out the Holy Story.

The Beverley Passion’s scenes played out through the town as crowds followed behind. Starting at Beverley Minster, it ended with Christ crucified in Saturday Market. Among the onlookers was Richard Whomsley, from Beverley, who was watching with children Christopher, nine and Abigail, six.

He said: “I think it’s good for people to be reminded what happened at Easter time. My nine-year-old is at the front, taking it all in his stride and we have been explaining it to my six-year-old.”

Beverley Minster Vicar Reverend Jeremy Fletcher said of the Beverley Passion: “It’s interesting to see the shoppers stopping and looking, it just feels it is part of a community event.It is a reminder it is Good Friday and it reminds people of the story. It brings it into the present.”

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