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Large hands are clasped together in prayer over a city. Text reads The Birmingham Passion Play 2019.

The kids and I were completely blown away by this powerful and immersive experience with @saltminetrust today!! Birmingham Passion Play brought the story of Jesus death and resurrection to life!

The Birmingham Passion Play 2019 by Saltmine Trust was unprecedented in scale and ambition. Not only in artistic vision but also in the number of professionals and amateurs who brought the vision to life.

The Birmingham Passion Play was truly by the city, for the city. And it was not just the city of Birmingham which made it happen, but everyone involved. It took over 160 people who dedicated their time and talents to the project.

The audience was a big part of the performance as well. From the people in the café lining New Street who came out to watch, to the builders who turned off their machines during the Victoria Square scenes, the project served as a celebration of the power of collaboration.

It was an absolute privilege to participate in such an amazing project that will continue to inspire change in the people involved and in the spiritual landscape of Birmingham.

Well done to you all on a thoughtful, provocative and imaginative performance which brought the Easter story to life

I watched some of this play but couldn’t see all of it. I saw the crucifixion and the part in the cathedral, it was really really good. The actresses and actors were good with their lines and the singing and dancing was excellent, the person playing Jesus did a great job, I had tears in my eyes and actually saw several people who were crying as well. The final song in the cathedral was wonderful, it reminded me of sister act, I loved it.

Wow ! People of #birmingham & other visitors you’ve done yourselves proud with the numbers that turned out for the @saltminetrust #brumpassionplay2019 ! Outstanding don’t do it justice just what a fabulous time it’s been !

 Performance was amazing. Had tears in my eyes. Special shout out to the drunk guy from Ireland who thought the crucifixion was actually happening and saying this isn’t right lol – like I told you, Jesus done this for us brother. God bless everyone and look forward to seeing the full video.

Thank you for inviting us the community cast to help portray this important story that is so moving and celebrated all over the world. Thank you so much. Sad all the rehearsals and performances have come to an end. Xx

Managed to follow the whole play with 2 children (6 and 10) so powerful and engaging. We were on the second performance at the cathedral – worth the wait as we couldn’t get in as it was full. Children truly enjoyed and message was so clear presented. Great to have the Contemporary touch! We are definitely going again next year!

Blown away. You guys always put on a good show- but this? This was something else. Haven’t stopped taking about it since Tuesday. My children got so much out of it too. Loved that not only did you perform on the streets of the city centre, but that you actually SET it in Birmingham, using local landmarks etc. The use of modern day language brought the Bible to life and special mention to the actors for really capturing and expressing the humanity of the disciples. Thank you.

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