Brigg Passion Play

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The last Passion Play in Brigg was performed in 2013

You can see photographs from the performance on flicker at this link!

The 2013 performance was a Passion Play in ten scenes from the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem on a donkey to the crucifixion for Good Friday.

The Passion Play depicts the events taking place from Palm Sunday through to Good Friday culminating in Christ’s crucifiction. It is a wonderful and moving story and in order that it should be seen and heard by all, the scenes are played from lorry trailers supplied by local farmers, the balcony of the Angel and raised staging and all the actors use microphones.The play includes music and singing and is performed by members from churches in this diocese and district.

The last event was amazing with people packing the market place from end to end. They came from many of the surrounding towns and villages as well as from Brigg. The furthest spectators travelled from Nottingham and felt their effort was well worth the trip. The actors thought it was the experience of a lifetime and many are performing again. The atmosphere created by the story, the crowds, and the music was powerful, exciting and very emotional especially when Christ was nailed to the crossed and raised up for all to see.