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Join over 5,000 people for this spectacular and commemorative event to remember the Passion and Crucifixion of Christ. Start the Holy Weekend 2020 with the shouts and cries of the Chester City Passion. Share in the drama and passion as we witness the incredible story of Christ’s passion, death and resurrection. The event starts at 10.30am at the Eastgate Clock and moves up Eastgate to The Cross. Then up Northgate Street to the Town Hall and ends with Jesus being crucified in front of the Cathedral.

The Chester City Passion 2020 is free. It is being organised in partnership with Churches Together, Link Up, Chester Mystery Plays and Theatre in the Quarter. The Chester City Passion is generously sponsored by the Jerusalem Trust, Churches in the City and individual donors.


A bearded man wearing white with a crown of thorns on his head plays Jesus in the Chester City Passion. He is looking foward, and behind him is an old wooden door.

A yellow poster with small images of Pontius Pilate, a Roman Centurion, and Jesus with words in white saying 'Chester City Passion: Good Friday 2022'.