Easter Dates 2023

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One of our most popular questions is ‘when is Easter this year?’

Easter Sunday for 2023 is 9th April.

Finding the date for Easter is important if you want to watch one of our free Passion Plays! AThe date changes every year because Easter is a movable feast determined by the Paschal Full Moon, also known as the first full moon after the spring equinox.

Once you know the date of the Paschal Full Moon, you know that Good Friday is the following Friday and Ester Sunday is the following Sunday.

Why is finding the date of Easter so complicated? The reason is that both the Julian and the Gregorian calendars aimed to celebrate Easter during the same season of Jesus’s resurrection in 30 AD.

This is important for all the Passion Plays that tell the Gospel story of Jesus Christ’s life and death every Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Free, live performances of the Easter story every year!


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