Easter Monologues

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There are many characters in the Easter story who have unique perspectives on the events that happen in each Passion Play. The people who lived through the events of the last week of Jesus’s life, his death and his resurrection each had their own story to tell.

What was their story?

Listen to some of these monologues that try to capture what the first Easter was like for some of these people. Thanks to the people of Havant Passion Play, we can have a glimpse into their thoughts and feelings as they saw Jesus die and then rise again on the third day.

‘He really is a king!’

Hear from some of the men and women who travelled with Jesus on the way to Jerusalem. They saw his miracles and heard his teachings. They saw Lazarus come out of his tomb and they saw crowds in Jerusalem cheering and waving as Jesus when he entered o a donkey. Listen here:

‘Mutterings and whispers.’

Why did it become more dangerous to be a follower of Jesus in Jerusalem around the time of the Passover? Listen to the women talk about what happened here:


What was it like for Judas after he betrayed Jesus? We know Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver and the sign of his betrayal was a kiss. What else can we find out about him? Listen here:


Mary was one of the first to go looking for the body of Jesus, but all she found was an empty tomb. Watch the video to see her reaction when she realised it was empty because he had risen again:

How to watch more monologues:

You can find out more about Havant Passion Play and their monologues from Advent and Lent here. 

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