The Easter Story

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Passion Plays tell the Easter story in free, live performances around the UK every year. It has been called the greatest story ever told. This is because it has the power to change our lives through its message of love, hope and second chances.

Joanne watched the Manchester Passion Play and described it as a vivid and moving way to remember the Easter story:

A very moving portrayal, particularly the sight of the three crosses in front of the Cathedral. There was a lady nearby who stood up crying as Jesus was raised onto the cross…it brought home how those who witnessed this event at the time, must have felt. There were lots of people there from various churches, but I hope that the Christian message of Easter reached others who may have forgotten. Thank you.

The Passion tells a real story of true events. And so it’s no accident that it has all the elements of stories that are compelling and confronting: treachery, betrayal, injustice, sacrifice, redemption and a startling ending.

The Easter story never gets boring and each new Passion Play gives us rich new understanding and inspiration.

If you want to learn more about the characters you will see in the Passion Play performances this Easter watch the monologues created by Havant Passion Play.

Jesus kneeling beneath the weight of the cross with Mary on her knees weeping and weeping women stand around them as part of the Easter Story.