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A woman in middle eastern dress holding a clay jar for Havant Passion Play.

When? Saturday 30th March 2024 at 1pm

Where? Staunton Country Park

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A group of actors all raise their hands in cheer on top of a stage as part of a Passion Play

Since 2015, HPP has warmly invited anyone and everyone to Havant to participate in our outdoor productions, be it to assist behind the scenes, to perform on stage, or to join us in the audience.

With active support from Havant Borough Council, local churches, businesses and residents, we aim to produce spectacular events that will bring our communities together.

Jesus was a new kind of leader. He cared for those on the edge of society, healing the sick and inspiring the hopeless. He challenged people in authority. That challenge led to the events we enjoy portraying in our plays, events which a third of the world still say give them hope and new life, and which have been at the heart of British life for fifteen hundred years.

Our Vision

  • To communicate the story of the life, Passion, death and resurrection of Christ.
  • To communicate the reason for our Faith in Christ as our Lord and Saviour.
  • To encourage one another in our Faith.
  • To sow the seeds of Faith in those who do not yet believe.
  • To enhance further the unity of the churches in our area.