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The last Passion Play in Kendal was performed in 2015

The gripping story of the plot to kill Jesus, his arrest, trial and crucifixion will unfold in the heart of our shopping centre.  There will be some new locations this time but the exact route is still being chosen.

The plot begins outside the Library and Pontius Pilate will emerge from the Town Hall. Kendal becomes Jerusalem under Roman occupation at Jewish festival time. On Saturday, Easter Eve, the concluding scenes will be staged in Abbott Hall Park.

Kendal Community Theatre is a theatre company, started in 2011.  It is open to all with an interest in exploring a wide, and radical, range of performing styles.  It is a group of individuals with a broad range of experience – or none!

We are an inclusive secular organisation and hope to offer opportunities, for anyone interested, to work alongside professional artists, writers, directors, administrators, fund-raisers etc.  We hope to encourage community cohesion and social inclusion through the medium of the arts and build relationships between community groups.