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Jesus carries the cross surrounded by disciples in traditional costume and a woman in a blue dress with text that says 'The Passion'

Friday April 7th at 1 pm

A new Passion Play for the historic market town in Staffordshire coming Easter 2023.

Location: Bottom of Derby Street, Leek, ST13 6HW

Following an amazing performance of The Passion 2022, we are pleased to bring it back for 2023 in multiple locations across the UK! 

Last year we saw people healed physically and emotionally, people meet Jesus and re-commit their lives to him. It was a truly powerful time. 

Even during rehearsals last year, our cast often had to fight back tears as the presence of the Lord would descend into our rehearsal room as we simply practised.

 Join us again this year for what is set to be another incredible and awe-inspiring performance.