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Logo of Lewes Passion Play with a crown of thorns in the shape of a rose.

The Lewes Passion Play presents the greatest dramatic events the world has ever seen-in the streets and gardens of our historic town.

The Lewes Passion Play welcomes the skilled professional and shy amateur alike. There is something for everyone to do. Whether a local celebrity, or someone who may otherwise feel unheard, unseen and marginalised. From the employed to the unemployed, the home owner to the homeless – anyone may join in and contribute.

As a large scale arts project, the Lewes Passion Play draws in the whole community in drama, music and other arts activities. Those involved make connections and develop relationships. They foster a cohesive community and strengthen social bonds. These both nurture the town and result in self-sustaining Passion Play projects. We have enjoyed and are much appreciative of all support received from local councils, youth groups, churches and arts organisations. We are now looking forward to working with the community in the development, production and promotion of the next 2020 Passion Play.

Jesus in a white robe and red shawl with his disciples. A purple banner has white writing that says 'Lewes Passion Play'.

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