Lincoln Mystery Plays

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A woodcut image of Adam and Eve with a tree and snake with words in old-fashioned font saying Lincoln Mystery Plays.

The Lincoln Mysteries are performed every four or five years and in 2020 will tour to various locations around the UK.

Mystery Plays tell the story of mankind from Creation to Doomsday. Originally performed to audiences who were largely illiterate as a reinforcement of faith – the Crucifixion and Resurrection scenes being particularly telling – contemporary performances offer new connections with our living heritage.

The Lincoln Mystery Plays have their origins in the tenth century when monks and clergy enacted key biblical extracts in orde
r to educate and inform their congregation. Along with the cycles of York, Chester, Coventry, Lichfield and Wakefield, the plays were ‘lost’ and largely forgotten from the Reformation onwards.

Audiences at the Lincoln Mystery Plays will experience something special and meaningful, something which touches their inner concept of spirituality, something that satisfies their innate sense of good and evil, something that confirms their belief in God or Man.

The Company tells the story with vigour, humour and humanity. With a large cast gleaned from the Lincolnshire community, the plays sweep the onlooker along from Creation, through to the poignant life of Jesus and finally Doomsday.

Pacey, illustrated with dance and movement, and interwoven with music narrating the action, 2016 promises to be an exciting and mesmerising production, and we look forward to bringing you into the world of the plays themselves, and to enjoy with you the greatest story ever told.

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