Oxford Mystery Plays

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Logo for Oxford Mystery Plays. A red circle, with internal white lines separating out the letters O, S and M

Saturday 22 April 2023 at St Edmund Hall, noon

The Oxford Medieval Mystery Plays will be performed at St Edmund’s Hall in 2023.

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The Mystery Plays presented Biblical stories from Creation to the Resurrection, and were brought to life by an incredible cast of actors, academics and students with links to Oxford Medieval Studies. The Faculty of English kicked things off in the Old Dining Hall with the stories of Creation and the Fall, accompanied by a digital video featuring manuscript illustrations by Prof Dan Wakelin. We were then led into the front quad to witness the Holloway Mystery Players perform the killing of Abel, followed by the story of Noah’s Ark by Medieval Studies students, which receives an honorary mention here for the best props of the event, including fabric waves and an inflatable parrot standing in for the dove. The morning concluded with the sung Magnificat in a play of the Visitation by Jasmine and the Kilnsians. 

A poster for the Oxford Medieval Mystery Plays 2023. Text over a picture of a chef and a meat cleaver about to chop the head off a man who has put his head through a pretend brick wall. A woman dressed in black holds out a sheet, as if to catch the head that is about to be cut off.

Oxford Mystery Plays