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Passion plays date back to at least medieval times but one hasn’t been performed in Redditch for decades.

Now Elaine Whitfield, a church warden at St Stephen’s, has penned her own passion play to be staged with Redditch’s brilliant entertainment group Indigo Arts on Wednesday, April 17 in St Stephen’s.

“We need about 30 people to take part, both as extras and for leading roles,” said Elaine.

“I’m not panicking yet but it’s 72 days to go before the curtain goes up and I’ve thought of little else!”

The aim, as well as celebrating an ancient tradition, is to remind people there’s more to the Easter story than fluffy bunnies and Easter Eggs.

“Christmas is about the birth of Jesus but Easter is a rollercoaster journey from the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, through the events leading up to his arrest, trial, execution and uniquely, his resurrection,” said Elaine.

In Elaine’s hands it’s an ancient story told with a contemporary twist, and yes, Easter Eggs do make an appearance, but Elaine is hoping the audience will get much more from it.

“The ‘Easter Story’ is a way for us all to come and connect with this unique story that we believe speaks dramatically of God’s love for us and has the potential to change lives today,” she said.

The performance will be free to attend but will be ticketed.

Anyone who wishes to take part or to find out more call Elaine on 07484 641016.