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Silhouette image of three crosses on a hill with people standing underneath them for the Settle Passion play.

A Passion Play in the Yorkshire Dales market town of Settle.

The Yorkshire Dales market town of Settle have staged a Passion Play ‘Journey to the Cross‘ since 2008. You can see photographs and descriptions about previous Passion Plays here. Read more about the Passion Play in previous years below:

2018: There was an extra section after the Crucifixion where Barabbas reflects on what has happened. Again, Jo Dillon (22) played Jesus and the cast took many of the same roles as the previous year.

2017: The threat of rain did not deter crowds coming to see Settle Passion Play. The cloudburst at 10.30am fizzled away by the Garden of Gethsemane Scene (below) and finally a patch of blue sky came at midday at the Crucifixion scene in the church garden of Settle Anglican Parish Church. But the story is not all romantic looking like the above. It is a cruel story. You cannot be squeamish about Good Friday.

The Bishop of Our Diocese (Bishop Nick) was on “Thought for the day” on Radio 4  He said:

Good Friday is not for the squeamish – however over-familiar we might be with its story of suffering. Yet, the world is not for the squeamish either. According to the Institute for Strategic Studies nearly half a million people have died in conflict in the last couple of years. Add to them the fact that the world now has nearly 22 million refugees – half of them under eighteen – and you can see the problem…. I have just spent a week with bishops from places like Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Sudan whose stories sometimes are hard to hear.

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