Southampton Tour

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One Man’s Passion is a 45-minute performance that is easy to understand and accessible to all. The story begins with John the Baptist heralding the beginning of Jesus’ earthly ministry. Furthermore it takes us right through to the death and resurrection of Jesus that we celebrate at Easter. You can listen to a podcast about this performance here.

Using minimal props and simple costume changes, the performance incorporates drama, song and live music all performed by one man. The concept of the One Man’s Passion project is that the performance is very ‘street theatre’ in its style and can be easily taken to various locations, be that shopping precincts, local parks or your church buildings.

An excellent production. As someone who holds a diploma in stage technique, I was very impressed with your presentation and your delivery. Thank you for a memorable Good Friday

Thank you so much Neil, you were fantastic! I thank God for the gift he has given you… you were brilliant and so creative

It is so good to see the Christian message out in the streets, people need to hear it especially in this day and age.

Thank you so much for the wonderful Passion play that you did for us.   The children were very well engaged and entertained.  The performance was perfect for our curriculum.  They enjoyed the story and singing and they kept looking at me knowingly because they had already heard the Easter story the day before and they were excited to learn about it in a different way.   The children did take on board the meaning of the story … Lots of my class wanted to come over to you to share what they had learnt. Thank you so much.