St Neots

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A crown of thorns with words in red and black saying St Neots Passion 2020.
Three crosses on a hill with a sunrise in the background and words in red and white saying 'St Neots Passion 2020'

This Easter sees the 3rd performance of the St Neots Passion on the streets of St Neots, Cambridgeshire.

The St Neots Passion Play was first produced in 2010. This festival of drama, dance and song was produced by the churches of the town, with support from local councils. It also used the skills of many talented actors, dancers, singers, musicians and support staff from across the area. The show was repeated in 2015 and now – 5 years further on – it will come to St Neots this coming Easter Sunday afternoon. It will take place in the Market Square, St Anselm’s Place and Riverside Park.

Both previous plays have attracted over 1000 people, and the event is totally free. It starts with the triumphal procession over the Town Bridge into the Market Square. From there, the story moves on to St Anselms’s Place (by the Rowing Club) for the moving scenes of Gethsemane. It then returns to the Market Square for the trial and crucifixion of Jesus. And concludes with the events of the first Easter Sunday in Riverside Park. The play attempts to be a faithful re-enactment of the first Easter, but it’s not a ‘religious’ event purely for Christians; rather an event to which the whole community is welcome, whether you have Christian beliefs or not.

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St Neots